Weekend update

Chickens The biggest news is with the chickens – they are finally outside in their pen!!! [http://www.flickr.com/photos/36013428@N08/3643098361/] It has been a real killer trying to get the pen finished. Had to cut the roofing

30 bottles of wine on the wall

It’s been three weeks [http://newlyplanted.blogspot.com/2009/05/in-vino-veritas.html] Using a manual corker is a surprisingly good workout! Who would have thought that squeezing a cork into a bottle would require so much pressure. The wine

I can now steal gas

The instruction sheet reads: “…. check the specific gravity. It should be 1.010 or less”. The hydrometer bobbing away inside the tub was just at that mark yesterday, so I figured to be on the safe side I would let

In vino veritas

As part of becoming more self-sufficient and ensuring that the food (and drink) being consumed comes from a good place, I’ve decided to try making some wine :) A Cabernet Sauvignon, to be exact. It takes four to five weeks

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