I can now steal gas

The instruction sheet reads: “…. check the specific gravity. It should be 1.010 or less”. The hydrometer bobbing away inside the tub was just at that mark yesterday, so I figured to be on the safe side I would let primary fermentation go one more day. From the first post

Stage 2 – Secondary Fermentation

Racking (transferring wine from plastic tub to huge glass bottle) involves siphoning  - something I have never done before. I had three false starts (where the wine stopped moving after a minute or so), about twenty failed attempts, and then finally figure out that you almost certainly need to get a bit of wine in your mouth before it starts flowing properly. Needless to say, I can now get free gas any time I’m short on cash.


The second stage takes ten days. There are also pictures of the and one of the false starts

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