Chicken finale

I travelled to Abrams Village two days ago to help finish processing the last ten chickens for the summer. It was another hot afternoon of work, and I’m glad that it’s over for the year. I finally took

The bumbling brewmaster

[] * Pour 4l of hot water into the bucket * Add contents of can (malty goodness) * Fill with cold water up to 23L * When temperature is between 22-30C,

Weekend update

Chickens The biggest news is with the chickens – they are finally outside in their pen!!! [] It has been a real killer trying to get the pen finished. Had to cut the roofing

The garden is finally planted

I have neglected to post pictures of the tomatoes with all the talk of chickens and wine, so let’s just say that they grew a lot. Mostly up, unfortunately. I know for next year that proper lighting [http://newlyplanted.

30 bottles of wine on the wall

It’s been three weeks [] Using a manual corker is a surprisingly good workout! Who would have thought that squeezing a cork into a bottle would require so much pressure. The wine

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