• Pour 4l of hot water into the bucket
  • Add contents of can (malty goodness)
  • Fill with cold water up to 23L
  • When temperature is between 22-30C, add yeast and stir for 30 seconds.

However, this was written as a run-on paragraph, rather than the nice bullet points I’ve used. And so I added the yeast to the hot water/malt mixture. Eep!

I tried my best to get the remaining 23L in at to make the entire mixture the proper temperature but I am quite worried I killed the yeast at the start. Will know in a few days.

Again, in terms of economy, this cannot be beat. One mixture will make 66 regular-sized bottles of beer, at a cost of around $.50/bottle.

Update: I talked to the people I bought the kit from and they said it will most likely be fine. I just need to check it tomorrow evening to see if the yeast is working, and if not, just toss another pack in Monday morning :)