Chicken finale

I travelled to Abrams Village two days ago to help finish processing the last ten chickens for the summer. It was another hot afternoon of work, and I’m glad that it’s over for the year. I finally took

Chicken project complete!

[] This is now a chicken-free zone. Except for the freezer :) I was hoping to write a long post today detailing the adventure and how the last couple days went but there is

First chicken slaughtered

Well, I thought there was hope, but the chicken I’ve been keeping in the shed [] In the end, for this one, I went with a sharp knife to the throat, a


I am probably wasting time/food/energy on this one bird, and I can’t help it - still want to have thirty-six slaughtered chickens come the end of July :) I put the “sick” chick back in the shed with

Possible problems in paradise

I’m getting concerned about one of the chickens; she’s been refusing to move every day with the pen and I continually have to go around to the back, lift it up, and push her forward. She can walk,

Wheel problem solved (I think)

[] The wheels for the pen have been the hardest part so far; I cannot figure out how to make the dolly mentioned in the book and

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