Master of your (non-profit's) domain

When I first started volunteering with the Orléans Festival, we were lucky enough to have free web hosting by a local company. There was "unlimited" disk space and bandwidth on a shared Linux box. Why move? As I

Office 365 for Nonprofits

Although this has nothing directly to do with TechSoup Canada, I did stumble across the link [] through

Microsoft on TechSoup Canada

Although you can get Adobe, Intuit, Shopify, and a bunch of other companies' software for discounted prices through your initial registration at TechSoup Canada [], Microsoft is a bit different in that

Registering for TechSoup Canada

It sounds like my department's budget for the Festival [] is pretty slim ($0?), but in case we do have some money and require software, it looks like there are some great deals available through TechSoup

Volunteering with the Orléans Festival

After passing a two-hour interview, I've officially joined the Orléans Festival [] as "Director of Social Media" :) There are undoubtedly other people on the team who will have a better handle on messaging/marketing

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