As part of becoming more self-sufficient and ensuring that the food (and drink) being consumed comes from a good place, I’ve decided to try making some wine :) A Cabernet Sauvignon, to be exact. It takes four to five weeks before it’s ready to bottle, and then 1-3 months after that before tasting.

One bottle costs $2 in the end. Two! I’m really hoping it’s good; I plan to give away a bottle with each chicken later this summer :)

Stage 1 – Primary Fermentation

This was fairly simple (although it looks like all the stages are simple). Sterilize the equipment, dump in the grape juice, water, oak chips, and some dirt (bentonite).


They are Very Clear that you must make Exactly 23 litres.


Finished around 4:30pm on Thursday. Now we play the waiting game .. for 5-7 days apparently.