So glad you could stop by :) My goal is to help you know if your business gets the most value for its development dollar.

As a businessperson, you have a crystal-clear idea of what services you provide (or want to provide), the best way to deal with your customers, and great in-depth knowledge of your chosen domain.

Your business probably relies on technology such as a website or in-house custom software. Any development work in these areas must pay off and must be performed professionally. But if your expertise lies in other areas, are you really sure your needs are being met?

For example... you know if your website will function properly on a smartphone?

...are you 100% confident that your software will warn you if someone breaks existing functionality?

Through this website, you will learn the key concepts that apply to any software development or website project. With this knowledge, you can confidently re-evaluate existing work, ask the right questions for future enhancements, and last, but not least know that your business is getting the most for its development dollar.