Chickens need (mostly) grain/seeds to live, but up to 20% of their nutrients can (and should) come from live food. It’s still too cold to let them venture outside, so I brought in some cut grass and flowers (including bugs) to let them eat. They seem to really enjoy it – as much as they enjoyed the hard-boiled eggshells they got earlier :) Half an hour after putting down the food, they are actually fighting over it; I guess they know what's better for them in the end.

It was starting to smell a bit in the basement so I got them herded into a corner and put down another layer of wood shavings. As Joel writes repeatedly, “…if it smells then you are doing something wrong. The carbon:nitrogen ratio is off and it’s up to you to fix it.”



Tomorrow I’m going to feed them some worms and see how they do with that :)