Rule #1 for seeds: Use proper soil.

The wrong kind of soil makes it impossible for water to penetrate to the roots. Add that to peat pots being naturally prone to disintegration and it becomes very hard to keep plants alive. Some of the plants flourished for a while, but it became increasingly difficult to water them.

Rule #3 of starting seeds: Wait until there are at least three or four leaves before transplanting to larger containers. I transplanted the tomatoes way too early (below).

Transplanted too early

Aftermath of phase one

The survivors

A few days ago I was able to get some good potting soil from John’s Greenhouse in Summerside – amazing stuff for only $2/bag. There was no easy way to uproot the plants so I just tore open the sides of pots and attempted to remove the seedlings as best possible. I replanted what I could and started some more seeds from scratch. Here are the survivors (tomatoes, celery, and lettuce). There is hope, though. And soon it will be time to start some greens directly outside under the cold frame. Looking forward to home-grown veggies by the start of June :)

Promising signs