What's wrong with price comparison websites?

They (mostly, currently) don’t work for food. Let’s start at home in Canada with shopbot.ca. They get a bit lucky here, as the first five items are of the same weight, and the next two (Shiloh and

Sprint one – items

Last week [https://www.jedidja.ca/first-steps/], we set up: * our machine for Windows Phone 8 development * an account and new project on tfs.visualstudio.com [http://tfs.visualstudio.com] for our ALM needs (source control and work item tracking


As I was flicking through the numerous camera apps on Day One [http://jedidja.ca/a-rude-awakening-with-windows-phone-8/] of my new phone (the Lumia 1020 from Telus comes with at least five apps that indicate some ability to take pictures either via

Introducing /teardown//build-up/

I look forward to releasing my first app [http://jedidja.ca/2013/10/first-steps/] in the Windows Phone Store but product development is never done inside a vacuum. After spending many years on iOS, I want to get a feel

First steps

Goal Barring any long delays in the approval process, I believe that I can have an app in the App Store in four months. Interested in joining me on this adventure? There’s a link at the bottom of this

A Left Hand Like God

After many, many years away from the piano, I've finally started playing and taking lessons again. It might be true that you "never lose it", but wow — after ten minutes practicing my hands are already sore.

A rude awakening with Windows Phone 8

On a bright, sunny (launch day) morning two weeks ago, I discovered that my nearest TELUS store had the Lumia 1020 in stock [https://twitter.com/jedidja/status/385794189319229440] and immediately went for a nice little strolljog to get my

Office 365 for Nonprofits

Although this has nothing directly to do with TechSoup Canada, I did stumble across the link [https://www.techsoupcanada.ca/en/community/blog/office-365-for-nonprofits-is-now-available?utm_source=banner&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=microsoft&utm_content=office365] through

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