It’s, oh so still.

(For now) :)

In about ninety minutes, thirty-six little peeping chickens will arrive and I am quite sure the quietness will go away. Here’s how things look this morning :)




I was able to find very little information about building a chicken brooder indoors on the internet, so here's what I ended up doing:

  • Took leftover wood from building the pen (three 6-feet lengths plus two 3-foot lengths joined together with strapping) and screwed them together to form a 6x6 frame.
  • Bought an 8x10 plastic sheet ($3) and covered it with brown paper (newspaper would work too)
  • Went to the liquor store a few times and got empty wine boxes
  • Put frame on top of plastic/paper, cut cardboard open and used a staple gun to pin them to the outside of the frame.
  • Filled inside with wood shavings

That's it :) Very simple/cheap/easily cleaned. Well, the plastic is easily cleaned - I have zero intention of changing the shavings at all while they're in there; just putting more on top and letting the composting action take care of everything else.