You may have noticed a trend among many of my posts relating to the Festival: I have practically a $0 budget to work with. Perhaps in upcoming years I can work on that, but being the first time in this position I'm doing whatever I can to stick to the current "budget".

I did some research this morning, and here's what I came up with; hopefully it saves you some time.


CauseVox - free until we hit $5000/month in donations then switch to monthly ( Site is quite professional and gets my vote. Would appreciate people taking a quick look at others on the list to compare, though.

Check out our site on CauseVox!

Indiegogo - although we don't get the benefits of being non-profit (only applies to US ones). Fees depend on which option you choose. (

FundRazr - We qualify for "lower fees" under non-profit ( but I can't find exactly how much lower. Ensure your PayPal account is registered as a Non-Profit. (

Haricot - A possibility. Based in QC. 5% fees (

Fundo - Also from QC. Feeds depend on which option you choose (

Fonpop - Also from QC. Can't tell if there any fees involved. (

Weeve - totally free, but not sure what "Acquired by LX Ventures" might mean (

TrendTrunk - very different way of fundraising (

GreedyGiver - If we had stuff to give away... (

MotherlandFund - Site looks terrible. Fees are nothing special either (

Ones we can ignore

Kickstarter - not for non-profits or donations. Must be creating something

Giveffect - only for Charities

Catalyst - only for "social change" - looks very low-budget and doesn't appear to work for organizations yet

ideacious - only for products

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