Jedidja Bourgeois — Business Software Consultant and Developer

It was great meeting you!

If you’re reading this, we recently met and exchanged business cards.
Thanks for visiting my site. I’m passionate about helping business owners in Orléans
get the best value from their website and software projects.

My career has involved working with websites, databases, desktop applications, infrastructure, development processes — you name it, and it’s probably been thrown at me in some situation.

I’ve been extremely lucky with great mentors and opportunities. And I love to pass on knowledge to others. Having settled in Orleans, I want to see our business community not just grow, but thrive.

I’m thinking of holding free seminars that will cover topics such as:

  • Do you know who’s visiting your website?
  • Three easy ways any business owner can improve their website.
  • How to hire the right developer for your next project.

Now that we’ve met, I’m always just an email away. Let me know what you think about the seminar ideas or technical challenges your business may be facing. I’ll help however I can.

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…an asset to any company

“…a source of inspiration and a mentor to programmers, with his knowledge and experience he has a repertoire of ready solutions and methods of improvement, he’s an asset to any company.”

— Nitin Pothan, Senior Web PM, Adobe

…knowledgeable in engineering best practices

“Very knowledgeable about software engineering best practices and a great speaker who participated in a number of events I organized, including several technical talks and a couple of large (300+) engineering events, obtaining very good scores in post-event surveys”

— Antonio Palacias, Training Program Manager, Microsoft